“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Tells the Same Old Story


“History prefers legends to men.” – from the trailer of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” It happens every so often. Two movies with similar plots and subject matter are released within a very short period of time. Think “Armageddon” and “Deep … Continue reading

“The Newsroom” – Pilot Episode: “Because We Decided To”

NewsRoom 1

Very quickly, it has become chic to hate on “The Newsroom.” Aaron Sorkin’s new drama has premiered to uncharacteristically mediocre reviews. Variety laments that “the series doesn’t match the lofty crests of Sorkin’s finest work.” The New York Times says … Continue reading

The Politics of the MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand MTV

Say what you will about MTV, but they have always promoted participatory democracy. In 1992, they launched the “Choose or Lose” campaign, urging their viewers to vote – presumably for the president challenger, Bill Clinton. Clinton courted the youth vote … Continue reading