(Re)Casting Call: “The Butler” – Pt. 2


Last week, we looked at the odd casting of “The Butler,” an upcoming film about a White House butler who served seven consecutive presidential administrations. We have already fixed the casting problems with the Eisenhowers and the Kennedys. Today, we … Continue reading

Politics and Revolution in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Dark Knight Rises featured

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. No movie exists in a vacuum. Every film is subject to political interpretations and various levels of expectations. This is especially true for the so-called “serious film,” which injects social, political, or cultural criticism into an … Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Triangulation: How “The Karate Kid” Foretold the Rise of the New Democrats

Karate Kid

NOTE: Although I try to maintain my objectivity, I cannot escape the fact that my personal political positions sometimes color my analysis. To ensure that this site maintains a well-rounded political perspective, it is useful for us to consider the … Continue reading