“Margaret” Deserves an Audience

Anna Paquin

“It is the blight man was born for.  It is Margaret that you mourn for.” – from “Margaret, Are You Grieving,” a poem by Gerald Manley Hopkins “Margaret,” the sophomore effort from writer-director Kenneth Lonergan, is a film about New … Continue reading

Will Ferrell: Liberal Folk Hero


There is a certain kind of comedian – the best kind, really – who is more  truth-teller than entertainer. We laugh with them because they so perfectly capture with words what the constraints of polite society keep us from saying … Continue reading

“The Campaign” Brings Modern Insight to a Familiar Story

The Campaign

“The Campaign,” the new election-season comedy starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, does exactly what you expect it to. It delivers big, raunchy laughs, while offering soft satire of the American political system. It is the rare political comedy that … Continue reading