The Return of the Right-Wing Action Hero?

Jack Bauer

Earlier this week, Fox announced that 24 will return next summer with a 12 episode run entitled 24: Live Another Day. Little is known about the show’s return, except that Kiefer Sutherland will be back, of course, as Jack Bauer. … Continue reading

“Gangster Squad” and Why Winter is the New Summer

Sean Penn

In the wake of the shootings last year in Aurora and Newtown, movie violence is under heavier scrutiny than we have seen in years. Many pundits and elected officials have raised the issue as a potential part of the problem … Continue reading

Life in the Dark Forest: Snow White, The Hunger Games, and the New American Fairy Tale

MIrror, Mirror

For years, “Cinderella” has been the fairy tale movie producers turn to when looking for a quick adaptation and an easy buck. There have been countless by-the-book adaptations but even more versions loosely adapted to fit a different milieu while … Continue reading