Did Steven Soderbergh Predict the Death of the Political Movie?

56th San Francisco International Film Festival - Press Conference With Steven Soderbergh

The following is a guest post from Reel Change reader Anthony Flores. Anthony is a hardened political operative and pretentious cinema fan.  He’s much nicer than that makes him sound. Are you a fan of “political movies?” Do you get … Continue reading

Why “Argo,” “Lincoln,” and “Zero Dark Thirty” Are Really the Same Movie


At various points during this awards season that culminates Sunday night at the Academy Awards, there have been three prohibitive favorites for the Best Picture Oscar. For most of the fall, prognosticators assumed Zero Dark Thirty would take home Oscar … Continue reading

Fall Political Movie Preview, Part Two: Democrat

Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln"

Instead of a traditional fall movie preview, I have identified four movies that will appeal to Republicans and five that will appeal to Democrats. Here are those five movies: Branded (September 7) With echoes of “The Matrix,” “Branded” paints a … Continue reading