Fall Political Movie Preview, Part Two: Democrat

Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln"

Instead of a traditional fall movie preview, I have identified four movies that will appeal to Republicans and five that will appeal to Democrats. Here are those five movies: Branded (September 7) With echoes of “The Matrix,” “Branded” paints a … Continue reading

Will Ferrell: Liberal Folk Hero


There is a certain kind of comedian – the best kind, really – who is more  truth-teller than entertainer. We laugh with them because they so perfectly capture with words what the constraints of polite society keep us from saying … Continue reading

Politics and Revolution in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Dark Knight Rises featured

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. No movie exists in a vacuum. Every film is subject to political interpretations and various levels of expectations. This is especially true for the so-called “serious film,” which injects social, political, or cultural criticism into an … Continue reading