2012: The Love/Hate List

The Campaign

In 1988’s Bull Durham, Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) famously said that “fastballs are boring, and besides that, they’re fascist.” Well, that’s how I feel about Top Ten Movies of 2012 lists. It is that time of year in when critics … Continue reading

The Magnificent Andersons


Despite their common last names and the similar trajectories of their careers, filmmakers Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. At first glance, this may seem logical. Their films do not on the surface … Continue reading

Paul Thomas Anderson is a “Master” of History

Joaquin Phoenix

“The Master” opens on a shot of the marbled blue-white wake of a battleship, and director Paul Thomas Anderson returns to that image several times throughout the film. Soon, it becomes clear why; the image embodies the film’s subject, the … Continue reading