Wait a Minute…Is 2013 A Great Year for Movies?

"Much Ado About Nothing"

Let’s start with a list. Here are the movies currently playing at my local independent movie theater: Blue Jasmine, Before Midnight, The Attack, Fruitvale Station, and The Way, Way Back. Earlier this summer, it screened The Bling Ring, Frances Ha, … Continue reading

Casting Call: The 2012 Republican Field


Last week, we cast the lead role in Double Down, the upcoming sequel to HBO’s Game Change that will focus on the 2012 Republican presidential primaries. In our poll, the readers spoke loud and clear: Bruce Campbell should get the … Continue reading

Counterprogramming Your Summer of 2013

Sally Hawkins and Louis CK in "Blue Jasmine"

Studio execs call it “counterprogramming.” Summer blockbusters typically dominate ticket sales on the weekend they are released, so when a highly-anticipated movie is being released, other big movies stay out of their way and find their own weekend to dominate. … Continue reading

The 5 Essential Sam Rockwell Performances

Sam Rockwell

It does not take much prompting to get me to talk about Sam Rockwell. I consider him to be vastly underrated as an actor, so I see it as my duty to pontificate on his brilliance when presented with the … Continue reading

2012: For Your Consideration

The Avengers (2012) Director Joss Whedon on set

Well, it had to happen. Time relentlessly marches on, and now it is officially awards season again. The critics’ boards are making their choices, Top 10 lists are filling my Twitter feed, and we even have our first front-runner controversy. … Continue reading