The 5 Essential Sam Rockwell Performances

Sam Rockwell

It does not take much prompting to get me to talk about Sam Rockwell. I consider him to be vastly underrated as an actor, so I see it as my duty to pontificate on his brilliance when presented with the … Continue reading

2012: For Your Consideration

The Avengers (2012) Director Joss Whedon on set

Well, it had to happen. Time relentlessly marches on, and now it is officially awards season again. The critics’ boards are making their choices, Top 10 lists are filling my Twitter feed, and we even have our first front-runner controversy. … Continue reading

5 Movies You Didn’t Know Were About Animal Rights


There is an old rule in Hollywood: the dog has to live. You can kill hundreds of people in a movie and splatter the screen with human blood, and the audience won’t mind. But get one cute little pooch caught … Continue reading