Peoria drive-in

Smalltown, USA: Recap and Thoughts on Conservative Movies

Last week, we counted down the Top 5 Most (Secretly) Conservative Movies of All-Time. When I started thinking about the list, I was as shocked as you were to see some of my favorite movie stars in such conservative movies. Does this mean that the actors, writers, and directors involved in those movies are really…

Daniel Plainview

Daniel Plainview for President?

It’s not unusual for politicians to incorporate famous movie lines into their speeches. Arnold Schwarzenegger frequently peppered his campaign speeches with his well-known quips, particularly “Hasta la vista, baby.” Ronald Reagan often invoked his famous role as George Gipp in “Knute Rockne, All American,” perhaps most memorably at the 1988 Republican Convention when he told…

Scales of Justice

BREAKING: Exclusive Video of Solicitor General’s Opening Argument

Here at Reel Change, we’re thrilled to present to you this exclusive video of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli making his  opening statement in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the U.S. Supreme Court. Verrilli’s performance during the second day of oral arguments was widely panned, and some are suggesting that his lack of poise and preparedness…


Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan?

In a counter-intuitive but headline-grabbing piece of casting, it has been reported that Jane Fonda will play First Lady Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film. “The Butler,” a script written by Lee Daniels (“Precious”) and Danny Strong (“Game Change”), tells the true story of Eugene Allen, a White House butler who served seven Presidents from Harry…


UPDATE: “Bully” Battle Resolved

After a massive campaign by the film’s producers that included celebrity support and a petition signed by more than 500,000 people, the MPAA has still refused to lower the rating of “Bully,” a documentary that follows the lives of five families who have been the victim of bullying, to PG-13. The film, which will…

Jason Segel (%22Jeff%22)

Review: “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”

Every two weeks, I’ll be linking to a non-political review published in The Rye Record, a wonderful newspaper that serves the area I grew up in.  Please click here to read my review of “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms. For a related story on Jeff, click here. Enjoy!

Geraldo in a Hoodie

Top 5 Movie Good Guys Who Wore Hoodies

On Friday, Geraldo Rivera ignited a firestorm when he took to the airwaves to defend the actions of George Zimmerman, a community watch captain who shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old man, in what he claims was self-defense. Rivera defended Zimmerman on the grounds that Martin was wearing clothing associated with gang activity, and if…