Ellen Page and Brit Marling

“The East” Does More Harm Than Good to the Green Movement

The creators of The East, especially star and co-writer Brit Marling, have been quite vocal about their intentions: they made the film to provoke discussion about the tactics of so-called “eco-terrorist” groups and about the environmental movement in general. Marling’s heart is surely in the right place: several years ago, the struggling actress spent a…

Sally Hawkins and Louis CK in "Blue Jasmine"

Counterprogramming Your Summer of 2013

Studio execs call it “counterprogramming.” Summer blockbusters typically dominate ticket sales on the weekend they are released, so when a highly-anticipated movie is being released, other big movies stay out of their way and find their own weekend to dominate. Instead, you’ll often find a smaller movie with a niche demographic opening against the biggest…


“This is 40” Gets Too Personal

It’s starting to get weird with Judd Apatow. It was acceptable (and quite cute) for him to cast his lovely and talented wife Leslie Mann as a drunk party girl in the writer/director’s debut feature, The 40 Year Old Virgin. We didn’t even mind when he brought in his kids and recast his wife for…

Paul Rudd and Joe Lo Truglia in "Wanderlust"

An Open Letter to Paul Rudd

Every two weeks, I’ll be linking to a review published in The Rye Record, a wonderful newspaper that serves the area I grew up in. Please follow this link to read my review of “Wanderlust” in The Rye Record. Enjoy!