Is Michael Cera the Most Interesting Actor of his Generation?

After seeing his latest, Crystal Fairy, last weekend, I say “yes” in The Atlantic today. Here is an excerpt:

Like most good comic actors, Cera definitely enjoys messing with the audience’s minds, but with Youth in Revolt and This Is the End, he was staying within the confines of commercial films. That pattern changed with Crystal Fairy, the micro-budget, semi-improvised film by Chilean director Sebastian Silva and in theaters now. He plays Jamie, a snide, arrogant, trust-fund baby who is drinking and snorting his way through Chile. Jamie shares some personality traits with the caricature Cera played in This Is the End, but here he gives a fully rounded performance that is more than a diversion from his nice-guy persona; it’s an deep, artful rejection of it.

You can read the entire piece here.

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