“Thanks for Sharing” Tackles a Taboo Subject with Ease

You know what’s great about writing reviews for the Washington City Paper? You get to put double entendres right in your title. That’s what I did in my review of the terrific Thanks for Sharing. Here’s an excerpt:

[I]f you transposed the template of Thanks for Sharing onto a film about any other type of addiction (alcohol, drugs, etc.), it would feel embarrassingly rote. But when addressing taboo topics, convention is our friend, and this film uses its well-worn genre as a comfortable space for discussion. Ultimately, though, the rom-com angle is just a fake-out: Mike and Phoebe meet-cute at a party, but their relationship goes to complicated places usually avoided in commercial films. Neil forms a tenuous friendship with a female addict (Alecia Moore, better known to pop fans as Pink) that threatens to turn into something more—but doesn’t. This is not a film about love, but friendship between recovering addicts, and it even manages to subvert a genre that often treats its female characters as sexual objects.

Read the entire review.


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