Why “Parkland” is Really a 9/11 Movie

I’ve become a regular contributor at an up-and-coming movie site called Movie Mezzanine, and I hope you check it out. It’s so new, there are no ads! Here’s one of my new pieces there about Parkland, which I reviewed for the Washington City Paper last week. This piece looks at the film as a JFK assassination movie for the 9/11 generation. Here is a snippet:

In psychology, re-experiencing a trauma is often an indicator that the body and mind are still struggling to cope, but, under controlled circumstances, it can be key to the healing process. At their best, the movies can help with this. In fact, cinema is the ideal medium for this process because we give ourselves over to it as a group, at least when we see it in a theater. Television can’t change us in the same way because we watch it on a smallish screen by ourselves or with a loved one. Books can’t because….do people read books anymore? When we go to the movies, we lose ourselves – in the darkness, in the overwhelming images, and deafening sounds. And we do it as a community, sharing the darkness with friends and strangers, creating a perfect environment to re-live past traumas and reassess our collective feelings. Parkland seems very familiar with these concepts, and it achieves what is, in my opinion, cinema’s most important purpose: to deepen our understanding of the events that shape our lives.

Read the whole piece here, and be sure to check out some of the other great reviews, features, and essays at the site.

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