What You Missed in November ’14

In November, I wrote a bit about Interstellar, weighed in on the Bill Cosby scandal, and made some wild connections between politics and cinema. Here are your links:


Is Current Cinema as Good as the Romanticized 1970s Golden Age? (Film School Rejects)

District Mined: The Gerrymandering of Contemporary Cinema (Movie Mezzanine)

Interstellar: Good Space Film, Bad Climate Change Parable (The Atlantic)

Fury and The Imitation Game: Reflections of Today in Films About WWII (RogerEbert.com)

Bill Cosby and the Problem of Good Art from Bad Artists (Film School Rejects)


Rosewater, Reviewed (Washington City Paper)

Foxcatcher, Reviewed (Movie Mezzanine)

Final Tidbit:

Just a helpful reminder. I know December is a busy month for folks, but I wanted to remind you that I’ll be publishing lots of original, year-end content on the blog. There will be the return of my annual “love/hate” list, an opportunity to check out some great, under-the-radar films you may have missed, as well as my year-end essay on the film that best encapsulated the politics of 2014. Hope you stick around and check them out.

2 thoughts on “What You Missed in November ’14

    • Thanks, Enrique! I’ve been doing this for a couple months, but I heard from a few people that they were overlooking the wrap-up thanks to its pedestrian title: “{September/October] ’14 Links”. Glad I have righted the ship.

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