The Conundrum of “White God” and Animals in Entertainment

This morning, I appeared on the Webby-nominated “Our Hen House” podcast. The ladies at OHH have the internet’s top animal rights-themed podcast, and they routinely invite me to join them to discuss the use of animals in film. I’ve also appeared on their television show, which you can view here.

Today we talked a bit about White God, as well as a couple new Disney movies with animal themes. Those of you who listened might be looking for my article referenced several times in the podcast, so here is a brief synopsis and a link below. Thanks for listening/reading!

Like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “White God” is told mostly from the animals’ perspective. Lilly is our guide for the first section, but when her father abandons Hagen, the narrative shifts to the dog’s perspective. “Apes” uses a similar technique, although the shift is more gradual; over the course of the film, Caesar becomes the protagonist, and James Franco’s scientist character fades into the background. Shifting perspectives is a risky technique because it can make the audience uneasy, but in these films it reveals an activist intent. When the protagonist shifts from human to animal, it allows viewers to see them as equals.

Read the full article, “No Animals Were Harmed: The Unique Perspective of ‘White God'” at

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